Creating My First WordPress Plugin

When I first started using WordPress I never thought I’d see the day where I would see anything created by myself in the plugins directory. For a challange I decided to do just that. Create a plugin and submit it for approval and find out exactly what’s involved.

WP Theme scripts plugin
My first plugin – WP Theme Scripts

I set off with an idea of something I’d wanted to automate which was adding css/javascript to any theme and add the ability to add scripts to the new tag that allows you to add code after the body tag.

Now in the blog I’m going to talk about more on the process of getting approved rather than what was involved in creating the plugin.

Over To The Directory

Once I was done creating my plugin I submitted to the WordPress directory : –

WordPress plugin upload form

Here you can see how many plugins that are ahead your before submitting your plugin. Once you’ve submitted your plugin it’s time to play the waiting game as it takes up to 10 days for you plugin to be approved.

Now Some Feedback

Now during the next 10 days someone will go through your plugin and provide you with feedback as WordPress has such a large eco system of plugins and users so you’re bound to run into some issues.

For my plugin I had some function names that were too generic and need to be renamed, so a quick update then back over to WordPress.


Then I got the email I was waiting for my plugin was aprroved and I had the details to check my plugin into the SVN.

Wrapping it up

My plugin wp theme scripts is now available to be downloaded from the plugin directory. Thank you for taking the time to ready my little WordPress plugin adventure!

If you need a custom WordPress plugin feel free to contact me and see how I can help you create a custom WordPress plugin for your needs.

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