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This is just a guide on what hardware and software I use to create responsive websites and WordPress themes.


Monitor: LG 25UM58 25 inch Ultrawide IPS Monitor

I recently updated my monitor from another LG I can’t remember the name of my last one but it had a max resolution of 1440×900 and yes it was really awkward to use.

The new widescreen is superb, colours are really deep and everything is really sharp overall I’m really chuffed with this and it will help with future work.

Keyboard: DREVO Calibur

My previous keyboard was a Razer lycosa, personally this was a great keyboard for gaming, but programing with this keyboard is just a bit clunky. I think it’s just the size/shape of the keyboard that put me off more so than anything else because otherwise the Razer is an utterly sound keyboard. At Shine I use a Mac and use the wireless keyboard.

The Mac keyboards fit “my shape” of keyboard really well so I decided I wanted something more me, so far the keyboard has been a great fit I love the RGB lighting and the crazy effects it can do as it types.

It’s really small and compact fits well on my desk and matches my PC’s colour theme really well.

Mouse: Razer Naga

Now the Razer Naga is definitely a gaming mouse but it has so many features that make this mouse stand out from the rest.

  • It has its own macro maker/engine and allows you to bind macros to a key or button
  • A full number pad on the side of the mouse
  • Bonus points for being RGB lit



I am a strong believer in open source web development software I’ve tried other software before but nothing beats how extensible Atom is for your needs. Need a plugin that lints your code as you work? Beautifys files on save? Can run grunt and gulp tasks? It can do the whole lot and it also has some amazing dark themes to give your eyes a break from looking at all white backgrounds. I found this the biggest help as it reduced a lot of eye strain.


I normally use XD for wireframing, Now it does lack a lot of features as it is fairly new but it definitely is slowly coming up to be feature packed. I find it’s great for creating wireframes and prototyping interactions/interfaces and I really like the feature that allows me to click a button and send my prototype onto the cloud and provides a link to the prototype that my client can view.


Now I know some people would ask why I haven’t just listed Sketch here. Let me be clear Sketch is an amazing program for designing user interfaces of any kind with … but … it’s buggy as hell and so bloated with user plugins (that over time cause little memory leaks) it just becomes a burden to use. Now inDesign isn’t much better but just the default application alone is enough to get the job done.

It lets you create a grid, export all images used to an export folder and generate pdfs with live data and now this especially help full as you could allow your client to modify the text and send it back with the content and they get an accurate view of what the final website could look like.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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