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Well after a big gap of not having my own website, blog or portfolio … here I am. You might be wondering why I didn’t have one for so long and to be frank I got caught in the never-ending loop of “design it, code it, then hate it and start again”, It was really causing me bother.

Why I updated this website

My passion lies in developing things, I love coding something “my way” I was recently made Senior web developer at a Glasgow agency called The Shine Agency. In my role I face many challenges from the clients I work with at Shine then it got me thinking. The biggest challenge I had yet to face was my own website. I wanted a platform that I can use to publish my thoughts on design and coding as well as holding my portfolio.

What I built this website with

Right from the get go, one thing I didn’t want to use on this project was creating a site based off a front-end html framework. Normally I would just use bootstrap but it’s far to heavy for just a portfolio(I’m too lazy to strip it back).

I wanted a clean design with a couple of bells and whistles with a large focus on type that’s clean and super easy to read.

For the back-end. I choose WordPress as it’s a platform I have many years of experience working with and I felt it was right for me.

What I most like about my new website

Definitely my favourite part of the new site is the three.js intro and website header. Creating something in JavaScript, being able to see it visually and then being able to animate it is a lot of fun.

Next Steps

The next step for myself will be to create a portfolio section and add a few projects.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings on and if you need my help with anything feel free to get in touch!

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