Transform Your Business Using Python For Automation

Python automation is one of the most powerful tools your business can deploy.

Data input

Python can handle a large array of different input types, from CSVs, JSON, PDF and text based content its ability to open and read the input from files will enable you to either pull the data you need out of the file or use the data within your application.

Web Scaping

Web scraping is another way to gether content for your application. Using packages such as requests and selenium you can build a custom application that can pull data from an API or web based source to build either a CSV or JSON for you app.

Web Automation

Web automation using Python is fantastic again using Selenium to  create custom tests to fill out forms and automate a user actions for test for a expected result.

Automate daily tasks

Developers can run into situations where you need to either run updates or daily checks on servers or web based applications, this might be as simple as checking that all your websites are currently up or running automated updates on a large number of sites. Python provides you with away to run files in the terminal which can be accessed using cron to run either hourly,daily or each month.

Final Notes

Python for automation is an amazing programing language that allows you to do “what you want” and as a web business you need to have that level of fluidity and as a developer it can be a real life saver.

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